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Flying with Your Dog: Essential Tips for a Stress-Free Journey


Your Dog Guide

Welcome to Woofie’s guide on flying with your dog. Here, we provide a detailed and practical checklist to ensure a seamless airport experience for you and your furry companion. Let’s embark on this journey together!


  • Understanding the Challenge: Flying can be stressful for dogs due to unfamiliar noises, smells, and crowds. Preparing well is key to ensuring your dog’s comfort and meeting airline regulations.

Vaccine Requirements

  • Essential Vaccinations: Ensure your dog is up to date with essential vaccines like rabies and DHPP. Check if additional vaccines are needed for your destination.
  • Quarantine and Health Checks: Some destinations might require quarantine. Verify these details well in advance.

A Letter from Your Vet

  • Health Clearance: A veterinary clearance is mandatory for air travel. Schedule a vet visit close to your departure date.
  • Medications and Diet: Your vet might suggest medications for travel comfort. Opt for travel-friendly dog food like Nutrisource Small Bites Woodlands Select for easy feeding.


  • Document Everything: Carry proof of vaccinations and any quarantine records. You’ll also need a letter from your vet clearing your dog for travel.
  • Support Animal Documentation: If your dog is a support animal, ensure you have the necessary paperwork.


  • Booking for Your Dog: Remember to book a ticket for your dog, especially if they are a support animal. Check baggage fees for dogs traveling in the cargo hold.


  • Selecting the Right Crate: Invest in an IATA-approved crate. It should be spacious enough for your dog to turn around and lie down comfortably. Familiarize your dog with the crate before traveling.

Bowls and Food

  • Food and Water Arrangements: Attach a bowl and a packet of your dog’s usual dry food to the crate. Avoid feeding your dog just before the flight to prevent discomfort.

Water and Medication

  • Hydration and Health: Attach a water bottle outside the crate for post-flight hydration. Carry any recommended medications with you, rather than attaching them to the crate.

Identification and Leash

  • Safety Measures: Ensure your dog’s crate and collar have name tags with your contact information. Keep a leash or harness handy, but avoid leaving it inside the crate to prevent entanglement.


  • Final Checks for a Safe Journey: With these preparations, you’re all set for a safe and comfortable journey with your dog. Always prioritize their comfort and adhere to airline guidelines for a stress-free experience.

We at Woofie wish you and your pet a happy and safe journey! Remember, preparation is the key to a smooth travel experience for both you and your beloved dog.

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